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OPSEU Local 240 - Mohawk College Faculty
OPSEU Local 240 - Mohawk College Faculty shared a post.
Amazing time at City Hall today with comrades from the IBEW, UA Local 67, HWETL, OSSTF District 21, SEIU, CUPE 5167, Hamilton Labour Council, OCUFA, Hamilton Pride and OPSEU Local 240. Also present were the Peace in the Hammer choir and the Peace, Love, Acceptance, Inclusion and Diversity (PLAID) protestors.

We showed the “yellow vest” wieners what Hamilton really stands for, and the anti-hate solidarity will only build from here.
OPSEU Local 240 - Mohawk College Faculty
OPSEU Local 240 - Mohawk College Faculty
Great time at City Hall with OPSEU Local 240 supporting the intrepid folks who demonstrate each week for Peace, Love, Acceptance, Inclusion, and Diversity.

The anti-immirgant, anti-diversity, climate change denying Yellow Vest protestors are still trying to say that City Hall, and Hamilton itself, are their turf...

Not on our Watch!

Way to represent Geoff Ondercin Bourne, Jeff Rosnick, and Krista Foss! Shout-out as well to Henry Evans-Tenbrinke from CURC and members of UA Local 67 and the Hamilton District Labour Council's Young Worker's Committee.
OPSEU Local 240 - Mohawk College Faculty
OPSEU Local 240 - Mohawk College Faculty
“If an employee feels like they can go to their supervisor or manager when they are experiencing job stress — that they will be heard and that action will be taken to address the core issues causing stress — they are less likely to experience psychological distress on the job and can demonstrate resilience in the face of demanding work situations.

Training managers to engage with their employees in this way is often critical. Managers may have moved into the role because they were good at the specific function they were performing, not necessarily because they are well-equipped to manage people. Soft skills like empathy, active listening, collaborative problem-solving and emotional intelligence are core management competencies that should be sought out or developed in those that have the responsibility of leading teams.”


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